Legacy Visa credit card: is it a good option? Full Review!

The Legacy Visa Credit Card is issued by First National Bank and you get approved even with a low FICO score. Check the full review!


If you’re looking to rebuild your credit and need a credit card right now, you should consider the Legacy Visa credit card issued by First National Bank.

Addionally, This credit card has no account-opening fees, and you don’t need a secured deposit to assure a credit line between $350-$1,500.


How to apply for the Legacy Card and get approved today Learn how to apply for the Legacy Card

So, if you’re looking for a First National Bank credit card with easy approval, check our full review for the Legacy credit card! You’ll see:

  1. Legacy Visa credit card: how it works
  2. Fees and interests
  3. How to apply for the Legacy credit card

Legacy Visa card: how it works

The Legacy Visa card is an option for you to rebuild your credit, as you get approved regardless of your credit status right now.


In fact, unlike most cards in the “credit rebuilding” category, the Legacy Visa doesn’t require a deposit. Also, as already mentioned, you get a $300-$1500 initial credit line.

Additionally, as you keep your statements paid on day, the First National Bank will report your payments to the main credit bureaus, which will increase your credit score.

legacy visa credit card

Learn how to apply for the Legacy Visa Credit Card

Also, we can highlight some features:

  • Initial Limit: $350-$1,500.
  • Cash advances available.
  • Credit limit increases after 6 months of applying.
  • Visa Gold benefits.

Fees and interest

  • Annual fee of $49-$75.
  • APR of 29.9%.
  • Cash advance APR: 29.9%.
  • No penalty APR.
  • Grace period of 25 days (no interests).

How to apply for the Legacy Credit Card

If you have received an invitation by the First National Bank to apply for this credit card by email, then, you can accept it online at their official website, clicking here.

So, that’s the only way for those who don’t own an account at First National Bank (getting a mail invitation).

Now, if you want to open an account (cost free) at the First National’s, you’ll be automatically eligible for the Legacy credit card.

Finally, to learn how to open an account and require your Legacy Visa, check our full step-by-step!

Learn how to apply for the Legacy Visa Card