How to apply for the Legacy Visa credit card

Check the full review and learn how to apply for the Legacy Visa credit card online and get approved with a FICO score as low as 400!


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Learn how to apply for the Lagacy Visa Credit Card Online

Want to know how to apply for the Legacy Visa credit card issued by the First National Bank and get approved, even with bad credit?


So, we’re doing a quick full review on the Legacy Visa credit card, one of the main options available for those with not-so-great credit right now.

Again, note that you can get approved with a credit score as low as 400, so this might be your chance to start rebuilding your credit! Let’s get started! You’ll see:


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  1. Legacy Visa credit card: full review
  2. How to apply for the Legacy Visa credit card online
  3. Alternatives to the Legacy Visa credit card

Legacy Visa credit card: full review

Legacy Visa is a credit card issued by First National Bank and is one of the best options to start rebuilding credit, as it reports to the three main credit bureaus.

Also, this is a fairly uncomplicated credit card: you get an initial credit line of $300-$1,500, depending on your creditworthiness, but approval is guaranteed.

More over, note that this credit line is reviewed after 6 months, so, you get a fair increase on your limit. Also, there’s no need for security deposits to build your credit.

Besides, you can enjoy Visa’s Gold benefits, including travel and purchasing benefits. On the downside, there’s an annual fee of $49.

It’s worth noting that you are looking at a high APR of 29,9%, so avoid not paying on your statement on date. Note that you have a 25 grace period before interests “kick in”.

Legacy Visa credit card: how to apply

The only way to apply for the Legacy Visa credit card (without owning a fee-free account at First National Bank), sadly, is by mail invitation.

If you already got an invitation, you can apply and get approved right now at First National Bank’s website.

Next, click on the green button that reads “Accept Online” and insert the information from the invite you received by mail.

Now, If you want to open an account, and therefore, be eligible for the card without that invitation, click on the orange button that reads “Account Login” and get started by clicking on “Register New User”.

More over, once you open your account, then, you can login to it and apply for your Legacy Credit card and get approved right away, as you’re already a costumer.

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