Tomo Card: $10K spending power without credit history required!

Tomo Card doesn’t require a credit history and you can easily get approved for a credit card with a $10.000 spending power.


Tomo Card is one of the few credit cards that you can apply for without having a Credit History, and that’s a great advantage.

Not only that, Tomo is a fintech that really facilitates dealing with your money. Also, you can enjoy some solid partnerships’ benefits.


It offers a $10,000 spending power credit line, but how does that work? Check our full review below to find out! You’ll see:

Tomo Credit Card


$10,00 SPENDING POWER Learn how to get instantly approved for a $10k credit line
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Tomo Card: how it works

Tomo is a fintech company that proposes a different credit evaluation that goes beyond your credit history. So, there’s no credit check.

In that sense, Tomo can take a few key points, like your previous account balances or your regular income to offer you a credit card.

So, you’ll be needing a banking account to apply for it, because it’s the best way for Tomo to evaluate your credit worthiness without taking your Credit History or FICO score in account.

TOMO CREDIT CARD Apply for the Tomo Credit Card and get approved today

Finally, it’s worth highlighting that you can’t carry a balance, meaning that there’s no APR (interest) for late payment. 

What happens is, in case you don’t pay your balance of (at least the minimum payment), it will be deducted from your checking account.

That said, Tomo offers different ways for you to pay your balance off, in case you don’t succeed on paying it on time, so they won’t just simply take everything off your account.


  • No annual fee.
  • No APR (you won’t carry a balance).
  • Get up to a $10,000 credit line (reviewed constantly).
  • Mastercard benefits.
  • Cash back rewards using partners services (DoorDash, Lyft, HelloFresh, ShopRunner).
  • May qualify without a Social Security Number.
  • Easy approval (low score, bad credit history).

One of the biggest Tomo Card attractives is that you can get a solid credit line that can go up to $10k.

By keeping your payments on time, your limit can increase very quickly, especially if you move a fair amount of money through your bank account.

How to apply

Application for the Tomo Card can be done online at Tomo’s website. You can pre-qualify without hurting your credit score, so, give it a try!

If you need any help, make sure to check our full step-by-step guide to apply for it online and be approved today!

Learn how to apply for the Tomo Credit Card online and get a $10k credit line