Surge Mastercard credit card: how to apply for it online

Check how to apply for the Surge Mastercard credit card and learn how to double your credit line without a security deposit in no time, even if you have a bad credit!


Surge application

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The Surge Mastercard credit card has been gaining popularity as one of the best credit cards available for people with bad credit and that doesn’t require a security deposit.


So, if you’re already pre-approved or want to be, keep on reading! We’re doing a full review on the Surge Credit Card and a quick step-by-step guide to help you out on applying! You’ll see:

  1. Surge Credit Card features and benefits
  2. How to get pre-approved for the Surge Credit Card
  3. How to apply for the Surge Credit Card

Surge Mastercard features and benefits

What makes the Surge credit card viable is the fact that you can get approved for it regardless of your credit history, and there’s no need for a security deposit.


Issued by Continental Finance, you are eligible for a $300 to $1000 initial credit line, which will be doubled within 6 months, considering you pay at least the minimum payment on your monthly statement.

Also, this credit card will increase your FICO score, as it reports your payments to the main credit bureaus every month, helping to fix your credit history.


  • Initial limit of $300 to $1000,
  • Limited raised up to $2000 within 6 months,
  • Mastercard benefits (zero fraud liability, 24/7 assistant etc.),
  • Easy to get approved,
  • Raises your FICO score monthly,
  • Variable annual fee ($0-$39),
  • Variable APR (see terms).

How to get pre-approved for the Surge Credit Card

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If you already got a Mail Offer with a pre-approval for the Surge credit card, you can activate your offer by signing up to Continental’s Surge website, clicking here.

On the other hand, if you want to get a pre-approval offer, you can do so by signing up and requiring a pre-approval evaluation, which is free and with no risk to your FICO score.

To do so, just visit the Surge credit card website, maintained by Continental Finance, clicking here.

How to apply for the Surge Credit Card

If you are already registered and/or already have your pre-approval, you can apply for the Surge credit card online, on the same website.

First, click on the “Apply Now” button and fill up your application! Make sure to use a valid phone number and email address.

Your card can be managed online, through the Continental’s Surge credit card website and, also, through its mobile app.

Good luck with your new credit card! Make sure to pay your statements on time to rapidly increase your FICO score and have access to even higher credit lines.

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