Oportun Visa Credit Card: how to get approved even without a Credit History

Oportun Visa Credit Card is available to you even if you don’t have a credit history, and it doesn’t require a SSN number. Check it out!


The Oportun Visa Credit Card is, maybe, the most accessible plastics available right now.

That’s because you can get a $1000 credit line without needing a U.S. Social Security Number and you don’t need to have a credit history.


So, how does that work out? Check our full review below! You’ll see:

  1. Oportun Visa Credit Card Full Review
  2. How to apply

Oportun Credit Card


OPORTUN CARD How to get approved for the Oportun card

Oportun Visa Credit Card Full Review

Let’s highlight Oportun’s best features to understand how it works. Here we go:


As mentioned before, a credit history is not required and you also don’t need a Social Security Number, which makes this card really accessible.

So, what you’ll need is a verified U.S. address, and that’s it! Note that, if you have a SSN and/or a credit history, that will be taken into account.

Also, you can present an unexpired government-issued photo ID, which includes passports and foreign driver’s licenses. 


Oportun offers up to $1000 initial credit line, and there’s no security deposit required.

Also, it’s worth noting that Oportun reviews your creditworthiness regularly, reviewing your limit line automatically and upon request.


To define your creditworthiness, Oportun will try to make a credit evaluation which will define your annual fee.

It can be from $0 to $29, which is quite a fine amount, considering how easy it is to get approved for this card.


The APR for this credit card is quite high, going from 24.09% to 29.90%. So, make sure to make payments on time to avoid incurring in these interest rates.

If you pay your balance off in the right time, then you should have no problems.

Get approved without a Credit History with Oportun


This is a credit card for starters or for those who want to rebuild their credit history, so, it’s worth mentioning that Oportun reports your payments to all the main credit bureaus.

That means that you can start building a credit history, or restoring it, increasing your credit score and getting access to more credit opportunities.


This is an international credit card by Visa, so you can use it on international stores easily.


 If you need some money to pay bills, Oportun also offers small loans and you can also use your Oportun Visa card to pay bills.

How to apply for the Oportun Visa credit card

You can apply for the Oportun Visa credit card online, at Oportun’s website.

Also, to get pre-qualified without hurting your credit score, make sure to check our quick step-by-step to Oportun’s application!

Learn how to apply for the Oportun Visa online!