Merrick Bank credit card: double your credit line!

You can double your limit with the Merrick Bank credit card and be approved even if you have bad credit. Are these the best credit cards to rebuild credit?


The Merrick Bank credit card offer a great chance to build a great credit limit even if your credit score is not so good right now.

First, Merrick Bank offers three different options and not all of them require a deposit to start a credit line.


Also, these credit cards’ best features is, definitely, the option to double your credit line. We’ll tell you how it works, so make sure to keep reading! You’ll see:

  1. Merrick Bank Credit Cards: double limit
  2. Merrick Bank Standart card
  3. Double Your Line Secure credit card
  4. Classic Secure Merrick Bank


Merrick Bank Credit Cards: double limit

As we mentioned, Merrick Bank offers three different credit card options and the main feature here is that you can double your credit line, So, how does this work?


First, it’s important to understand the difference between secure and unsecured credit cards:

  • Unsecured credit cards do not require a deposit to give you a credit line, and that just might not be an option for those with a bad credit history right now.
  • Secure credit cards are available for those with bad credit and you can have a credit line on your card by making secured deposits.

So, why is this important? That’s because Merrick Back offers three different options of credit cards, including an Unsecured one. But here’s the “catch”:

You can double your credit limit by making deposits, as Merrick Bank gives you double of what you deposit as a credit limit.

As an example, if you make a $200 secure deposit, your credit line will increase into $400.

Check the full guide to get approved for the Double Your Line credit card right now!

So, these just might be the perfect solution to have a credit card with a high credit limit to manage your spendings, as you don’t depend on a good or excellent credit score.

Here are the three Merrick Bank credit card options available:

Merrick Bank Standard credit card

The standard Merrick Bank credit card is an unsecured card available that you can apply for even if you have bad credit.

It has a initial limit of $500 to $1,350, depending on your credit history evaluation, and you can also make deposits to increase it using the double feature (deposit X, get 2x on credit);

Double Your Line Secure Credit card

This is a secure credit card, meaning, you have to make a deposit in order to have a credit line, which is also doubled.

If you don’t get approved for the standard version, this is the best option for you to start rebuilding your credit and have a credit card with a high limit by making deposits.

Start rebuilding your credit with the Merrick Bank Double Your Line secure credit card – apply online!

Classic Secure Credit Card

This is a simpler secured credit card from Merrick Bank and you can make deposits up to $3000 in total, but it doesn’t offer the double your line feature.

So, this is another great option to start rebuilding your credit, as Merrick Bank reports all payments to the major credit bureaus, which will make your credit history improve quickly.

Want to apply for the Merrick Bank Double Your Line card? So, make sure to check our full review and step-by-step to apply online!

Learn how to apply online and get approved today for the Double Your Line credit card