Instant loan with same-day funding! Personal loans of $5k to $100k online

Meet SoFi Instant Loan. With it you get personal credit without fees, fixed monthly fees and easy approval!


Have you ever thought about taking out an instant loan? Nowadays, it’s much easier to take out a personal loan thanks to numerous fintechs that have revolutionized the financial credit system.

So, if you are after a personal loan and need to have the cash in hand quickly, don’t panic! We have the solution right here.


In this quick article, we’ll talk about the SoFi personal loans and how you can take from $5k to R$100k easily, with lower rates and total security. You’ll see:

  1. How does SoFi Personal Loans instant loan work?
    • Money
    • Interest
    • Fees
    • Unemployment Protection

2. 2. How to make an instant personal loan on SoFi


How to get approved on the SoFi Personal loan with guaranteed lower interest Learn how to get approved for SoFi personal loan: the solution to borrow some money now and get approved without lower fees and interest!
How to get approved!

1. How does SoFi Personal Loans instant loan work?

If you need to have access to money right now, SoFi just might be the solution. They offer personal loans with low-interest and quick transfer of the money.

Many people opt for a loan when they need to invest or to pay up debt, specially to avoid higher interests like those of the credit cards.

So, SoFi gives you the opportunity to take out a personal loan that can be freely used to:

  • Consolidate your credit card debt with lower interest.
  • Family planning financing.
  • Home improvement.
  •  Travel.
  • Weddings.

Instant loan

Learn how to get approved for SoFi personal loan

It’s important to say that SoFi loans are not secured – meaning, you don’t have to use your car or house nor anything to get your loan.

So, let’s check out SoFi most important features:


SoFi offers from $5k to $100k in personal loans. The amount available to you will depend on your credit score, but even people with lower credit can have access to good amounts.

The money is transferred directly to your checking account and it’s SoFi promise to do it on the same day (Same-Day Funding).


SoFi has a fixed personal loan rate, which you vary from 6.99% APR (annual percentage rate) to 22.28% APR.


There are absolutely no fees charged by SoFi to get a personal loan and no pre-payment penalties, meaning there’s no cost besides the APR.

Unemployment Protection

If it happens that you lose your job during the loan, you can ask for a change on your payments until you start working again.

2. How to make an instant personal loan on SoFi

You can check out your interest rate directly on the SoFi official website without affecting your score.

The process of taking your loan on SoFi is really easy and it’s all done online. You can also use the site’s calculator to figure out your monthly payment.

If you need some help, check out our tutorial on How to take a SoFi Personal Loan step-by-step, clicking here.