Indigo Credit Card: start rebuilding your credit

The Indigo Credit Card is a standard option to get approved while having bad credit and rebuild it quickly.


Indigo Credit Card is an unsecured option for those with not-so-perfect credit scores, and it’s easy to get pre-qualified for it.

So, if you’re looking for a card with quick approval and that you can apply for online, you might want to check this one out. You’ll see:


  1. Indigo Credit Card: how it works
  2. Rebuild your credit
  3. Pros and Cons
  4. How to apply


WANT TO APPLY? Check out quick guide for the Indigo Card application online!

Indigo Credit Card: how it works

As mentioned, Indigo is an unsecured credit card, which means you don’t have to put in any money to get a credit line.


Also, you are eligible for approval even if you have a bad credit score right now.

This is a Mastercard credit card and it can be used to shop overseas, including online purchases.

Your initial credit line will depend on your credit analysis, starting at $300.

Also, Indigo reports to the main credit bureaus, so your score will go up.

Moreover, your credit limit can improve monthly, considering you keep your payments on time.

Note that the annual fee can be from $0 to $99, depending on creditworthiness.

Finally, you can get pre-qualified without risking your credit score directly on the Indigo website.

WANT TO APPLY? Check out quick guide for the Indigo Card application online!

Rebuild your credit

If you have a low credit score right now, it’s time to improve your credit history. You can do that by keeping your balance paid off every month.

Indigo reports your payments to the main credit bureaus and your credit score may rise quickly.

That said, an Indigo card is a good option if you’re looking to start rebuilding your credit history, so you can get access to better card options in the near future.


  • Mastercard flag.
  • Easy approval.
  • It may have a $0 annual fee (good credit).
  • 1% foreign purchases fee (lower than most).
  • Customizable card.


  • High APR 24,90%.
  • Annual fee as high as $99.

How to apply for the Indigo Credit Card

First, note that you can be pre-approved by signing up to Indigo’s website and waiting for an invitation.

On the other hand, you can get pre-qualified for the Indigo Credit Card before applying, so you can know your chances of approval without hurting your credit score.

The requirements for application are being 18+ years of age, having a valid US address and documentation with a photo.

To do that, just go to Indigo’s website and try it out. You can also check our quick guide to pre-approval and application. Just click on the button below!

WANT TO APPLY? Check out quick guide for the Indigo Card application online!