Choose the best bad credit personal loan option for you

Learn how to get approved for a bad credit personal loan and guarantee the lowest rates and payment terms!


Getting a personal loan when having bad credit can be a little tricky but, if you go to the right places, it can actually be easy and quick.

There are many fintechs that offer unsecured personal loans for people with low credit, you just have to pay close attention to the fees and interest rates.


So, in this review, we gathered three of the best options for bad credit loans that are safe and that you can apply without affecting your credit score.

How to apply for the Upstart bad credit loan Upstart offers bad credit personal loans that are easy to get approved and cash delivery within 24 hours.

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  1. Upstart personal loan
  2. OneMain Financial personal loan
  3. TD Bank personal loan

Upstart bad credit personal loan

bad credit personal loan

Find out how to apply for the UpStar loan now!

If you have bad credit and need money fast, Upstart is a great option, as your offer can get approved and the cash sent to you within 24 hours.

Also, you can get pre-qualified without impacting your credit score and get a loan up to $50,000.

You can pay your loan within a 5 year period, with a fixed-rate APR that ranges from 5.40 to 35.99%, depending on your credit analysis.

The great advantage is you don’t need a minimum credit score, so give Upstart a try! For more information, check our full Upstart review!

OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial also offers personal loans for people with fair to poor credit and it’s fairly easy to get approved, being one of the best options for bad credit loans of 2022.

With OneMain, you can borrow from $1,500 to $20,000, which can be paid monthly at a fixed APR (18%-35.99%).

On the ‘con’ side, OneMain’s fees can be as much as 10% of your loan amount, so you should consider the final cost.

Nonetheless, OneMain is still reliable, secure and has a very quick approval and cash transfer process, so it’s still a great option.

TD Bank

TD Bank also has same-day approval for personal loans for those with low credit, with amounts varying from $2,000 to $50,000.

Like the other loaners in this list, this is an unsecured loan, meaning you don’t have to offer any warranty.

Also, TD Bank doesn’t charge any fees apart from the late payment fee of 5% percent of the due payment, or 10% (the lesser).

It’s very important to compare the interest rates applied to your loan, so make sure to read everything carefully before getting a personal loan.

If you want to know how to hire the UpStart personal loan for bad credit, press the button below and be directed to our article with a super simple step-by-step guide to help you!

Find out how to apply for the UpStar loan now!